Barrie Police Service - Citizens on Patrol Program


The Citizens on Patrol volunteer program was launched by the Barrie Police Service in April of 1995. This initiative allows members of the public to join a volunteer program where they can supplement police patrols to help reduce crime by keeping a neighbourly watch over their community. The program was reinstated in December of 2011 and is managed and run with the assistance of the Barrie Police Service Crime Prevention Unit.

The Citizens on Patrol is a concept that originated in Western Canada. Ordinary Citizens which are recruited and supervised by the Barrie Police Service assist the police by volunteering their time to patrol the streets of Barrie in their own vehicle with another volunteer member. They act as another set of eyes and ears for the Barrie Police Service.

Program Objectives

The program was created to assist the members of the Barrie Police Service with an extra set of eyes and ears reporting back to the Police any suspicious or criminal activity which they have observed and report to help reduce crime within the community.

As well this program objective is to share a closer relationship for a common effort between the citizens of Barrie and the Barrie Police Service.


All of the necessary training is provided by the Barrie Police Service for all new and existing members with an emphasis on safety, observation, note taking and communication skills. Each member is given a training manual for each member to take with them on patrol as guidance.

Should you have any interest in this volunteer program within the Barrie Police Services please check out The Barrie Police Web site under the section of Citizen’s On Patrol Program.