British Columbia

With no movement from the RCMP and BC Crime Prevention Association as to assistance in setting up a provincial association in BC, there is little activity to report.

More areas/detachments seem to be moving away from using the COP program and instead renaming all volunteers as volunteers with no affiliation to a specific group. So while many of the former COP members continue in the group, they do not follow the usual protocol established by the COP program and do not give volunteers a sense of belonging.

It is difficult to imagine a provincial association such as we had in the early 2000’s. With no COPs group in many locations, there is no funding or personnel to put on a conference such as we had in the past. We continue to make contacts with police and while we continue to have some good response, it is not enough to bring a provincial association together at this time. I wish all of you involved in COPs the best and keep moving forward for the good of all citizens in Canada.

Brian Cornborough

Secretary CCOPA